There is always a light

There is always a light
Don't be afraid if you are alone or surrounded by darkness. In some part of the world, the day has just begun. There is a always a light waiting for you to find your way to touch its radiance.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

 By Shounak Ghosh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’ve always wanted a pad of my own, where I’ll live by myself. This pad need not to be a lone house on some hill. I’d rather choose to stay in a condo in the heart of the city from where I can see the entire city across and feel that this is my turf, here is where I battle, get scarred, make my mark, and retire in its heart at the end of the day to rest to begin another chapter of the next day. So let me give you a first person view of how it is going to look through my eyes.
Friday, it’s 7pm ++ and I am returning home. I take the lift, press the number 9 on the lift’s numerical pad, sweet Miss 23 is standing next to me who lives on the same floor with me, standing in yellow sweat shirt and pants, back from yoga/aerobics/jogging, with her pony tail hanging. A conversation exchange occurs and then goodnight beauty, she exits left and I right to our respective apartments. I reach down my carrying case for my keys, fingers finding the leather keychain, found ‘em and here I enter my home sweet home. God said let there be light, I say “Lights Please” and there is light.
White walls wrapping me along with my house in a sweet dim light emitted from the small 4 corner stone lights from the ground. In my opinion, Ingvar Kamprad has to be the man who is the reason people’s houses convert to home. A beautiful lamp stands like a lady in the middle of the pond emitting moonlight to the surroundings. I put down my keys on my table and loosen my tie, keep my carrying case on the adjacent sofa. It’s raining outside, so I unfold the blinds to let the moon be seen on my wall-sized glass window. The rain pouring on my window, the moon lights brighter than the dim lights inside reflects those zigzags of the rain water flowing down my window on the wall opposite inside. I walk to my corner bar right across the living hall, where only the wall behind is different; it’s a brick designed wall, giving the bar a nice distinctive look. I pour down a glass of cabernet sauvignon, red, put it on the table, pick up my remote and gently push……play.
I believe that music is the best friend for anyone who needs company in any mood. Craig David. Walking away on the 5.1 Bose surrounds. That’s what I want to play on such a night, to just make me forget all my week’s tensions and ease me down to just me, my glass of wine, the music, the rain, the reflections, and a sweet tiny bit of memory of Miss 23 saying goodnight. The surround sound encapsulates me in a stress free cocoon of peace and calmness.
All this I define as a PERFECT Friday evening. We all work the whole week, so we do need a time off to be with ourselves, just the person that we are, just the person to be with. Everyone has their own ways of getting stressed up, so why not mellow down, lay back and relax.
The pad explains bachelor dreams, which come after one is over the clubbing nights, boozy talks, drunken walks, and accompanied by an awesome hangover the next day.
This is what I want, after I finish the lay down time, I get up, look at the city stretching down across the land, and think, this is just how I wanted it all to be as.
“Lights out”, my bed awaits me with its white sheets on it, and at least 5 pillows.
Goodnight, a sporty Saturday awaits me with my friends.   

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