There is always a light

There is always a light
Don't be afraid if you are alone or surrounded by darkness. In some part of the world, the day has just begun. There is a always a light waiting for you to find your way to touch its radiance.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Divine Resolve

By Prodipto Roy & Ananya Mukherjee
My Little Magazine

He asked me, “What’s your last wish?”

“It’s the same as my first and all in between,” I replied.
“Are you sure?” He probed.
“Absolutely” I held my chin up.
The flame was beginning to scorch my skin, the pain was transcending to a boundary less mine of vacuum, illuminating a track of absolute nothingness. I travelled a few thousand light years in a trance, gradually floating into a pervasive sense of freedom and completeness.

Amidst the ashes, they never found my wedding ring.


  1. Beautiful! You guys have a fan. Keep up the great work!

  2. Amazing again. You two are a perfect couple. I am a follower and fan of all your creations. Keep up the great work guys....God bless.